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Connect with students who are more likely to enroll because they’ve demonstrated interest in similar institutions. Customize up to five peer groups of similar institutions and use this filter to connect with the students who have added those institutions to their BigFuture® college list. These groups of 5-20 peer institutions can be used to filter a Search order, and the associated peer group information will be available on the Search output file once your order has been processed.


Parents and caring adults play a key role in many students’ college decisions. Connect directly with parents who have opted in to be part of their student’s college search using our Parent Contacts feature. You can filter by students who have a participating parent on record, and you’ll also receive parent contact information (first name, last name, and email address) on the Search output file for any student who has a participating parent on record.


Landscape Context helps colleges identify and promote access to students who live in neighborhoods with a higher level of challenge related to educational opportunities and outcomes. The Neighborhood Challenge filter, derived for use in Search from Landscape, identifies students who live in environments with increased levels of educational challenge based on attributes including college attendance, median family income, and education levels. The SAT Scores in Context filter connects you with students who have an SAT score that is above the 75th percentile of their peers attending the same high school (based on a 3-year average). This information will be available on the Search output file once your order has been processed.


Once you’ve licensed a student record, you’ll have access to updated details about the student as they engage with College Board over time. Personalize your outreach using updated student details including students’ contact information, their parent contact information, Interest in My College status, National Recognition Program status, or changes to their HS/AI Code. You can download this updated information in a unique Living Record file as soon as it becomes available in Search.


Nationwide, two in three graduating students join Search—and more opt in every day. New tools and supports will help you make the best use of Search’s scale. You’ll have the flexibility to choose the features that match your goals and budget.

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