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Parent Guide: How to Help Your Child Get Ready for the SAT

Good news parents – the College Board has teamed up with Khan Academy to create world-class SAT practice that is free for all students. Your child can sign up in advance of the SAT and start preparing with thousands of practice questions, eight full-length practice tests, and video tutorials to help them understand key concepts.


Your child will save time and stay focused with a custom study plan made just for them based on PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT and prior SAT scores or diagnostic quizzes.


Official SAT Practice is the only SAT preparation tool made by the makers of the SAT and the online learning experts at Khan Academy.

Research shows that 20 hours of practice on Official SAT Practice is linked to an average score gain of 115 points from the PSAT/NMSQT® to the SAT.


Why Official SAT Practice?

See How Chandler Increased His Score 210 Points Using Only Khan Academy

Have your child follow the link below to sign up for a free account on Official SAT Practice today! And don’t forget that students in the Class of 2020 and future graduating classes in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can qualify for College Board Opportunity Scholarships when they use Official SAT Practice. Learn more about that opportunity here.

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Parent Guide: How to Help Your Child Get Ready for the SAT - Spanish

Official SAT Practice Student Sign Up
Official SAT Practice Student Sign Up

Parent Guide: How to Help Your Child Get Ready for the SAT

Now that you know about Official SAT Practice, what are the steps you can take to help your child prepare for the SAT and take advantage of all the free resources available? Here is a quick step-by-step guide for parents and guardians to follow:


Choose an SAT test date. Review upcoming test dates and registration deadlines online. Register early to guarantee your child’s spot on that test date and receive timely reminders leading up to the test.


Sign up for Official SAT Practice. Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy is free for all students and the best way to prepare for the SAT. Created by Khan Academy and the makers of the SAT, Official SAT Practice offers thousands of practice questions, video lessons, quizzes and tests, and more.

Link College Board and Khan Academy accounts for a personalized SAT study plan. When your child signs up for Official SAT Practice, make sure their Khan Academy account is linked with their College Board account. This sends your child’s PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, or SAT scores to Khan Academy to create a customized SAT study plan. A child who doesn’t have any test scores can take diagnostic quizzes to receive the study plan.

Download the Daily Practice for the SAT app. Accessible at Google Play and iTunes app stores, this free app gives your child a question a day to build skills on the go.


Create a practice schedule on Official SAT Practice, and stick to it. We recommend that students practice on Khan Academy 15−30 minutes per day 6−8 weeks before the test. A child who can’t practice every day should start earlier or practice more on certain days. Check out the new Coach Tools to learn how to become your child’s Coach and monitor progress on Official SAT Practice.

Take a full-length practice test. Taking a practice test on Official SAT Practice is a perfect way for students to see what their test day experience will be like.


Take another full-length practice test. Two weeks before every SAT test date is known as Official SAT Practice Test Day. On this day, students registered for the SAT should take another full-length practice test on Official SAT Practice to check their progress. This lets students build self-assurance and see exactly where to focus over the next two weeks to get the best possible score.

Review test day requirements. Make sure your child has everything they need to be ready on test day.


Plan ahead. Triple-check the night before that your child packs everything needed and knows how to get to the test location. See that your child gets a good night’s sleep.


Relax and be confident. Encourage your child to eat a good breakfast, take it easy, and feel positive. Practice pays off!