Using SAT School Day to Meet Your School and District Goals

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This on-demand webinar gives superintendents and principals a primer on leading SAT School Day: the program that allows schools to administer the SAT in school, on a weekday, to any number of students. 

Nearly 3 million students, 3,000 school districts, and over 8,000 schools have participated in SAT School Day. By breaking down barriers to access, SAT School Day directly aligns with school and district equity goals—opening doors to college, scholarships, and financial aid for every student.

During this hour-long discussion, you'll hear from your colleagues about their experience leading an SAT School Day program, how and why they brought it to their communities, and the impact it's had on their college and career readiness goals.


Jessica Tai, Executive Director, The College Board
Randy Trani, Ed.D, Superintendent, Corbett School District (Corbett, OR)
Ryan D. Smith, Ed.D, Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Educational Services, Paramount Unified School District (Paramount, CA)

Cultivates a college-going culture.

When students have the opportunity to take the SAT at their own school, they're more likely to take the test and gain access to higher education. Benefits for low income students include unlimited free score sends and four college application fee waivers.

Continuously improves outcomes.

All tests in the SAT Suite of Assessments share a common score scale and are appropriate for their designated grade levels. This makes it easy to track performance across tests to measure growth and identify areas where students need support. And, our new interactive score reporting portal makes it easy to view integrated data across the SAT Suite.

Builds confidence and increases comfort.

Students feel better prepared and have lower stress levels when they test in a familiar setting with people they know. And nothing builds confidence like practice. The SAT is the only admission test that offers free, personalized practice plans for all students. Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy gives every student a practice plan built just for them, along with integrated coaching tools for teachers to view progress and support their students.

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