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Tribal and Indigenous Scholarships

There are many ways to fund your education. Though it can be intimidating when you first look up the cost of a university, try to remember there are many ways to pay for your education including scholarships, financial aid and grants. 

The teams of College Board interns compiled a list of scholarships for you to consider. You will find scholarships based on four different categories: Tribal, National, Academic/Career, and Need Based/Merit.  This is not a comprehensive list, but a jumping off point. We believe in you!

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Tribal and Indigenous Scholarships

Noah Collins (Cherokee & White Mountain Apache), University of Oklahoma

College Planning

Download the Indigenous College Planning Guidebook and get answers to top FAQs.


Plan, prepare, and pay for college with scholarships. Start your search with these Tribal, National, and academic scholarships. 

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Consider looking into colleges with Native Student Support centers. Start your search with these Tribal Colleges and Universities. 

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