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Millions of students globally take the SAT. Now you can take one admission test—the SAT—and be eligible for multiple universities in India and across the world. More than 4,000 colleges and universities in over 85 countries accept the SAT and SAT Subjects Test™ in admissions. Check out the list of 35 universities in India that use SAT for admission.

Essential Math

The SAT tests basic math that students need no matter what major or career they choose. 

Multiple Attempts

Administered 5 times a year – students can take the SAT multiple times and send their best score.

Everyday Words

The test's vocabulary focuses on words that you will encounter often in university classes.

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Nothing builds confidence better than practice—and the best way to practice for the SAT is on Khan Academy. 

With Offiicial SAT Practice on Khan Academy, you can find practice resources to help you prepare for the SAT. You will get access to thousands of practice questions with instant feedback, full-length practice tests, video lessons that explain problems step-by-step, and test-taking strategies. 

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More Time Per Question

The SAT has fewer questions than the ACT 154 compared to 215 and the SAT gives you 43% more time per question than the ACT.

Free Practice on Khan Academy

The best way to prepare for the SAT is with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy.

No Need to Memorize Material

The SAT is designed to reflect what you've been learning in class.

No Guessing Penalty

Scoring on the SAT is straightforward you don't lose points for wrong answers.

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