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If you're attending virtual classes this school year and needs access to a device, College Board and the Advanced Placement Program can help direct you to available resources.

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“AP” on your high school transcript shows colleges you’ve tackled college-level work and that you're motivated to succeed.

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More colleges than ever before offer credit for exam scores of 3 or higher. Learn more about credit opportunities.

Benefits of Taking AP

Boost Your GPA

Explore these course connections to plan your next adventure in AP.

Explore Your AP Potential

Review a personalized list of AP courses you're likely to succeed in based on your past PSAT/NMSQT and SAT scores.

With 39 AP courses available, use this information to help pick courses that are right for you.

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So Many Courses, So Many Opportunities

Taking AP courses in high school could give you an advantage: 

Most high schools offer a GPA boost to students that take AP - be sure to check with your school for more information.

Why AP Must Be Easier This Year

Read the latest College Board Blog post written by Trevor Packer, head of the Advanced Placement Program.

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Popular Courses
by Grade

AP courses aren't just for 11th and 12th grade. Find out which courses are most popular for first-year students and sophomores (and juniors and seniors).

These courses are great on their own, but they're even better together. Consider taking AP courses that complement each other.

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Project Based
AP Courses

These AP courses help you take on real-world challenges by building knowledge and skills through investigation or developing portfolios.

AP can help you explore a passion to figure out if it's a field you're interested in. Learn how AP courses connect to popular careers. 

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AP Connections to Majors and Careers

"The AP course I took in high school prepared me for the rigor of college-level courses. These courses helped improve my written and oral communications skills, as well as build my confidence in my academic ability. If it were not for these AP courses, I do not believe that I would have excelled in college at the same level that I have been able to."

Zaria, AP Alum

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Note that new courses or courses your school is offering for the first time next year may not yet show on this list. Confirm with your school counselor or AP coordinator which courses are being offered next year.

Tool: AP Credit Policy Search

Use this tool to learn whether a college you’re interested in accepts an AP course for credit.

Use this tool to pair best-fit majors and careers with AP courses that are the closest match.

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Tool: Connect AP to Majors and Careers

Two male students and a male teacher showing them something on a laptop.
A group of boys and girls laughing and looking at the sky.