Benefits of Fee Waivers:

Waived College Application Fees

Your fee waiver benefits grant waived application fees at participating colleges.

You can send your scores to as many colleges as you choose for free with your fee waivers.

Unlimited Score Sends

You could earn a $500 College Board Opportunity Scholarship by completing one Timed Mini Section or one Diagnostic Quiz on Khan Academy. Opt-in.

Earn College Board Opportunity Scholarships

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How to Accept Your Fee Waiver Benefits:

Free CSS Profileā„¢ applications to apply for financial aid from participating schools. 

Waived Financial Aid Applications

3. Select 'Yes' at the prompt to accept the terms

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You can take the SAT two times for free after accepting.

Avoid Late Fees

No late registration fees.

Schools and test centers make individual decisions about whether to administer the SAT. While the College Board cannot directly control test center capacity and availability, we are working to ensure as many students as possible are able to test safely.